• (12/2016) A Train Productions has completed the upgrade/migration of the FileMaker Pro-based VENUS database at Viacom's Music and Entertainment Group. The database is used to manage and track all deliverables for upcoming programming on Comedy Central and Spike.

• (2/2016) A Train Productions was commissioned to create a FileMaker Pro-based subtitle editor/formatter for a prominent movie distribution company. “Subtitle Wrangler Pro,” as it’s called, provides simple, comprehensive manipulation over all aspects of DCI-compliant subtitle creation and editing, including font and text styles (for TTF subtitles), screen position, and timings. A flexible timecode engine allows trimming by frames, miiliseconds, ticks or timecode; applied globally, on individual subtitles, or groups of subtitles, with SWP continuously testing for overlaps. And using technology developed for A Train’s ProLog logging software, SWP also includes QuickTime integration, allowing the user to preview subtitles against a reference movie in real time.

• (12/2014) A Train Productions was featured in a Panasonic news release: http://news.creativecow.net/story/877939

• (9/2014) For our Wedding and B'nai Mitzvah clients, we are pleased to offer a Flash Drive option in addition to delivery of your video on Blu-ray disc.

• (9/2014) Beginning this month -- and for a limited time only -- the ProLogMDB™ application is now free of charge.

• (1/2014) A Train Productions is proud to present ProLogMDB™, a suite of software applications designed to enhance and streamline the process of logging, transcribing, reviewing, and organizing media assets. ProLogMDB provides a complete end-to-end workflow in a package that costs considerably less to deploy than other comparably-featured asset management solutions.

Please visit the ProLogMDB website at www.prologmdb.com to learn more.