It takes more than a year to plan for a 9 hour day that seems to pass in the blink of an eye. Finding the right person to capture your wedding can be as hard as finding the right person to marry. Our wedding video was more than we could have ever imagined. You captured every little detail! From morning preparations through the ceremony and the excitement of the reception, not a moment was missed. It was truly the wedding of our dreams and the video is proof. We will watch this every year for our anniversary. We have already played it more times than we can count! You guys are the best!!! Thank you so very much for paying as much attention to detail as a bride does in her preparations. The only word to describe our wedding video is the same word to describe how we feel about each other - LOVE!
-- Greg & Jolene Hatzisavvas, Westfield, NJ
It was a breath of fresh air to work with Jonathan and his team. They were consummate professionals with a wealth of experience to draw from. Jonathan took the time to meet with my father (an accomplished editor) and myself to understand our event and come up with unique shots for capturing the day. Day-of, Jonathan and his team were punctual, captured every moment without being intrusive, and worked with the photographer to coordinate coverage. My husband and I didn't even notice the cameras as we went through the day, which speaks to the experience and skill of this team. We are so thankful that we made the decision to hire A Train Productions to capture our wedding day and look forward to reliving the memory through their film for years. We couldn’t recommend A Train Productions any higher!
-- Jessica Desjardins, New York, NY
Jon, you did it again! Thanks for all the help, we're really happy with everything.
-- Geno McDermott, President,
[Regarding her son's Bar Mitzvah service video]:
Just wanted to thank you for the AWESOME job you did on the DVD for Spencer's service!!! It was wonderful!!! Just beautiful and so well done!
-- Jan Jacovini, Berkeley Heights, NJ
[Regarding their son's Bar Mitzvah Reception video]:
It's great!!!! Excellent job. We are very pleased. Thank you so much.
-- The Jaffee's, Westfield, NJ
Thanks Jonathan! You are an awesome collaborator - skillful and creative. I am very aware of, and grateful for, your essential guidance and contributions to making [my son's Bar Mitzvah montage] come out so well.
-- Michael Jackman, Westfield, NJ
Jonathan, most people don't even know who you are, and that you're the mastermind behind the show's outstanding, professionally-created DVDs.  What they also probably don't know, is that you're only obligated to come to the Friday night and Saturday matinees, yet, two out of the three years that I was musical director, you came back, on your own personal time, to film the Saturday night show.  The reason?  Three years ago it was for "Jessica," because you knew I hadn't quite nailed the piano solo, and you wanted to give me one more crack at it.  This year it was for "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Let It Go".  There you were, crawling around by my keyboards, taking close-ups, for no other reason than you care about your craft, take pride in what you create, and wanted to give me a little going away present.  You're a class act, Jonathan, and I'll always be grateful for those little gifts.
-- Steve Little, Co-Director, "Shine" Band
Just wanted to thank you again for the montage. Zach loved it, as did all the kids and adults – everyone thought it was great! We had people over this afternoon and re-watched it too. [So many of my friends] have written to me about the party overall and specifically menioned that the montage brought tears to their eyes. Thanks so much for all you did to make it special.
-- Nancy Weiss, Westfield, NJ
[Regarding Zach's Montage] Great job, Jonathan!! This is PERFECT!!
-- Aron Minken, Westfield, NJ
Watched the show last night, and you did an amazing job!!! Thank you so much for going above and beyond! It has been a pleasure working with you as always…you and your crew's professionalism and dedication are top notch!
-- Joanne Geschickter, Producer, "Tamaques Takes A Bite out of The Big Apple"
Just watched [the Blu-ray of my son's Bar Mitzvah reception]. We loved it!! Great job!!
-- J. Sklarin, Scotch Plains, NJ
Hi Jonathan! All I can say is, "Wow". You've outdone yourself yet again. Everything looks and sounds great. Thank you!
-- Erin Eckard, Producer "Tamaques Is Solid Gold"  
Wow! Man, you did an awesome job! The sound quality is amazing—can’t believe the clarity. The guitar/organ mix on the melody [during the cover of The Allman Brother's "Jessica"] is damn near perfect!
Jonathan, I can tell you put a lot of work into this—I hope you feel proud of it.
-- Steve Little, Co-Director, "Toy History" Band  
You are AMAZING!!!!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to put this together. I'm going to tell all of our wedding clients about you. You take such awesome footage - nicely done!
-- Blaire Reinhard, The Blaire Reinhard Band 
Thank you Jonathan for the sneak peak [of my daughter's wedding]. You do great work!
-- L. Viviani, Kinnelon, NJ 
Hi Jonathan,
I think I told you I was pleased with the video, but now after watching it yet again, I have to say you really did a great job. My dad was not able to attend [the service] but we sat through the DVD and it was like he was there.
-- B. Stewart, Westfield, NJ 
We will treasure the DVD, and wish we had a similar one for our older son. It was actually even better than I had hoped.
-- B. Hopkins, Westfield, NJ 
Hi Jonathan,
[The show] is great! I love the transitions from the announcers to the performances – I wasn’t sure how that would look, but you made it fantastic and seamless!
Thank you again for all your hard work! As usual – it is amazing!
-- Marielle Brown, Producer, Tamaques School Variety Show 
Hi Jonathan,
I watched both DVDs while on the train last night. They look and sound GREAT!! You did a wonderful job...above and beyond what I expected. I will tell EVERYONE (and show them). You really outdid yourself. It looks BEAUTIFUL and the sound knocked me out. I know the editing must have been VERY time consuming but what a pay off! I also wanted to thank you again for the care you took in preparing to film our event. Your attention to detail in thinking about where the cameras would be, how many to use, etc...made things run so smoothly the night of the event. Your team was delightful and I never felt anyone intrusive during filming.
Thank you again--YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!
-- Betsy True, Westfield, NJ 
I'm a director with a lot of hands-on experience, but like anyone I run into the occasional technical complications. Jonathan, thanks to your expertise you totally saved me hours and my sanity. A Train is the A-1 line to use!
-- Paul H-O, Director, Filmlike LLC 
-- Mary Beth Erickson, Producer/Manager, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp. 
Dear Jonathan,
My daughter just called me and screamed: "This is the best Bat Mitzvah video ever!". Having just watched it myself, I have to agree. Thank you so much for all your great work.
-- G.M., Short Hills, NJ 
Dear Jonathan,
Thank you so much for this video! I absolutely love it! I almost cried. You got everything I wanted. It was such a great video. I really really really really loved it. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!  
I loved it!. Thank you so much for working on our show. You are the consummate professional and always help our process go so much smoother.
-- Marielle Brown, Producer, Tamaques Variety Show
Nailed it. You are king of the world!
-- Mitch Slater, Westfield, NJ
The Washington School Show in Westfield, New Jersey, is a musical written, produced, directed and presented by the parents annually for the last 62 years to raise funds for the PTO. Four of the last five 5 years the producers have hired A Train Productions to produce a video of the show. We don’t talk about the year we didn’t use them. The product has always been of great quality, but this year's work by Jonathan Applebaum far exceeded everyone’s expectations. Upon receipt of the finished product, to our surprise and delight A Train had inserted very fitting special effects that really added to the impact of the show and smoothed out some of the stage production's rougher transitions -- adding a very professional touch to a raucously amateur parental production. One fun aspect of the show is the impromptu ad libs (and, frankly, goofs) added by the performing parents. We were astounded at how many unscripted laughs Jonathan was able to capture on tape. Even how he elected to edit the end credits added a great dimension to the video, shifting to views of the students dancing in the aisles during the last encore. We commend him for his excellent workmanship and product. We also give him our wholehearted recommendation to anyone who may consider using his services.
--Joe Ascione, Linda Habgood, Mary Claire Givelber, and Carl Pansini, Producers
What can I say. You really delivered! From the fabulous music, the incredible editing, the special effects with the dance numbers - you were really able to bring it to reality for us. We had an incredible time all over again.  Thanks so much for all your hard work.
All of our daughter’s friends said [the montage] was the best one they have ever seen!
Jonathan: You captured the creative essence of what I had only imagined I was hoping for in a montage for my daughters sweet 16 and then took it to another level.  It was perfect and I cried!
Dear Jonathan: Your work on the video was nothing short of spectacular. Kudos to Julian too for a job well done.
Hi Jonathan,
You did an amazing job!
Jon, Thank you so much for the beautiful montage. The entire family loved it. You are very talented, and we appreciate all the time and effort involved.
Hi Jonathan, It's great! Everyone enjoyed it. The hora was hysterical!! Thanks for doing such a great job.
As always, your work is FABULOUS!   After years of trying other companies with varying results, no one has delivered the level of professionalism both on-site and in the product, that you do at A Train Productions.   We're so glad we found you!  You're a pleasure to work with, and we know that our DVDs will be of the highest quality. Thanks for your talent and dedication!
-- Kathleen Kellaigh, Artistic Director, ATC Studios
We loved the montage you made for our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Our guests told us it was the nicest montage they had ever seen. Almost two years later, we still get a thrill watching it. You were so patient with us throughout the entire process. Your professionalism and devotion to your craft really comes through.........Thank you for an amazing montage that will be cherished always.
Jonathan- We watched the DVD last night and...LOVED IT! It was fun, energetic and you really captured [our daughter and her sister]. Editing was excellent. I can't imagine how time consuming that can be but then again, you're the professional. Again, thanks so much to you and Julian for a terrific product.
Jonathan: We just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on both the montage and the video. The video is so clear and you seemed to capture all the right moments and people--the end was spectacular!  It's been a pleasure working with you and your family and hope to do so again.  We will certainly be passing your name on as we already have. Thanks again.  
Hi, Jonathan: You are amazing!!  Thank you so much for your time and effort! Response has been terrific…high praise from all. Great job!
Hi, Jonathan!  We absolutely loved it.  We are so impressed by the quality of the DVD, especially considering the challenges of filming in such a small venue but with so much activity on stage in many of the scenes.  
Jonathan, Two thumbs up!  Some of the kids thanked me for getting you back!! Everyone is thrilled!  Thank you so much!    

P.S. The special effects are awesome!
Jonathan, I could not be more thrilled!! The DVD is absolutely spectacular, and the response has been tremendous. I am SO pleased. I am raving about your work to everyone! I honestly feel there are some numbers that look better on the DVD than they did live! Your continuity work and clean up of all of those little foibles that make school shows so special, was immaculate. And I went wild for the split screen in "Alone in the Universe." Absolutely amazingly HIGH QUALITY work!! It was everything I expected and much, much more. I look forward to being able to use your services in the future!  
The kids LOVE it!  
Hello All... I just watched the DVD and I have to say that it was fabulous.  Thank you so much to Jonathan and A Train Productions for a great DVD.  I loved the fact that they tried to get everyone's face on screen at some point.  It really was well done and I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I did.  The jacket cover and DVD cover are awesome!  Great job to everyone.
Jonathan, You are THE BEST - thanks  
Jonathan, The "Behind The Scenes" was great!! I loved it. Thank you!!  
Jonathan: Another great job on the Washington School Show DVD.  I couldn't tell that you had such little notice for the project - it looked as good or better than your past years.  I can't believe you made it sound like it was in an auditorium with a very good sound system!
Jonathan and Seth: A great big thank you for your dedication and professionalism. We are so excited to see the final product. We look forward to working with you again.